Music Modul KATO-Sound

The professional music control for sound reinforcement of small areas manufactured by Holtkamp

Product details:


  • WLAN and LAN options
  • Easy handling
  • No follow-up costs for updates
  • No additional PC required
  • Sound for the sales or waiting area is optional
Application example Tanning salon

Using the optionally available cable remote control, the music module from KATO-SOUND is also compatible with older tanning beds from all manufacturers without channel selection in the tanning bed.

  • More than 250 free radio stations
  • Simple installation, cable installation not necessary**
  • Channel selection via the tanning bed*
  • Easy to use playlist creation
  • Local music data can be integrated easily

*Only possible if available on the tanning bed. Optional wired remote control.
**Additional option is to use wireless LAN in 5 Gigahertz range. Dualband 802.11ac Wireless-LAN supported Business-Class-Acess-Points are needed

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Musik-Modul KATO-Sound

Music Modul data sheet

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